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SMOOV O10, 6 km/h
ITEM #: 1592897
The rear-mounted power assist for your wheelchair: SMOOV one. The SMOOV one is an innovative electric drive that you can easily dock on to and off your wheelchair whenever you need some extra power. This modern and sporty power unit significantly increases the driver’s mobility. Easy to mount and discreet. Easy to dock and undock. You can easily mount or remove your SMOOV one at any time by using the carrying handle to dock and undock the wireless drive unit. The aluminum locking claw helps the SMOOV one connect securely to your chair – No Pop Offs! It can even be done while seated in your wheelchair. Inconspicuous in its design, you can add power without all the bulk.

MSRP: $6,495.00

• Fits most standard wheelchair.
• Intuitive docking and undocking of the drive unit.
• Discreet, unobtrusive design.
• Personal settings and extension of the scope of functions possible via the SMOOV Mobility App.
• Light weight, with range up to 20Km on one full battery charge.