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  • Rear View Mirror
    Item #: ACC250
    Available in Canada Only.
    MSRP:  $26.00
  • Alber e-motion
    Item #: 1490998-22
    The new Alber e-motion power assist allows wheelchair drivers to keep and even raise their level of active mobility, and provides a variety of therapeutic benefits. This power assist has two Lithium Ion batteries that are integrated inconspicuously in the wheel hub. Only a slight amount of force to the push rims engages the motors and helps to propel the wheelchair. Particularly, when driving uphill or negotiating curbs, e.motion is at its best. Thanks to e motion the wheelchair can also be slowed down with very little effort. Just a slight checking of the push rims suffices, and the electrical servo-break effectively slows down movement.
    MSRP:  $8,898.00
  • MYON - Adjustable Depth and Back Model - 18x16, 17" STF
    Item #: MYON_JIT5
    Offering high levels of efficiency for dealers, platform sharing across the MyOn family makes re-using and refurbishment an easy to attractive feature. With an appealing design and multiple functionalities, in terms of stability and comfortm this means that the MyOn takes things to a new level.
    MSRP:  $2,359.00
  • Invacare 9000 SL Wheelchair, Desk Arms - 18"x16"
    Item #: 9SL_PTO_34751
    The Invacare 9000 SL Wheelchair features dual axle positions for various seat-to-floor heights for user comfort and "no flex" wheels with urethane rear tires offer superior performance.
    MSRP:  $1,279.00
  • Invacare 9000 XT Wheelchair
    Item #: 9XT
    The Invacare 9000 XT Wheelchair offers versatility and high performance for users. Adjustable center-of-gravity helps provide a custom fit while urethane casters boast a better, lighter-weight ride. Extensive offering of frame and back styles, widths and depths.
    MSRP:  $1,809.00
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