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30 and 40 Liter Reservoir - System Neutral

Assembly Part Notes

Note Code Definition
A 30 Liter
B 40 Liter
C Must be recailberated when repaired
D Heat Exchange with Economizer, Flow Selector. See Page Titled "30 Liter - Heat Exchanger and Valve" and "40 Liter - Heat Exchanger and Valve."
E Vent to Fill Orifice Not Included, See item 27
F After 3/96
G Does not include bottle top. For Hanger and bottle before 4/96, you will need to order item 21 upgrade kit.
H Not Shown
I Before 4/96. Includes items 18, 19 and 22.
J Fits all models except Puritan Bennett.
K Puritan Bennett only
L Cryogenic Asociates (Caire) only
M All models except Linde
N Linde (Mark)
O See Reservoir, System Neutral Model Numbers