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Electronics - MKIV RII and MKIV A Joysticks & Mounting Hardware

Assembly Part Notes

Note Code Definition
A Includes items 13 thru 16.
B MKIV A joystick only
C Used for A.S.B.A. seats and Includes items 19 thru 23.
D See pictorial for reference
E Item 8 RII 80 amp. decal is not included
F MKIV A - item has a non-solder connector
G Used for Van Seats and includes items 19 thru 23. Kits contains Standard (#10-32) and Metric (M5) screws. Customer selects screw that applies to their application.
H Due to product improvement, the joystick mounting bracket with a separate adjustment lock were replaced with the clamp assembly shown as of 2/20/03 and is backward compatible.
I As of 1/31/03 MKIV RII joystick was made with a longer cable and serves as a direct replacement for chairs made before 1/31/03
J When upgrading MKIV RII electronics to "A" electronics also order wiring harness part no. 1116609. This harness allows charging capabilities since "A" joystick does not have this.
K Item requires soldering.
L MKIV RII - item requires soldering.
M Introduced as an option (ARM250) and can be used to replace a Fixed Height Joystick Clamp.