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Electronics - Quad Link Assembly (After 4/06/06)

Assembly Part Notes

Note Code Definition
A Latch Kit includes 4 ea. Button Head Cap Screws (10-32 x 3/8"), 2 ea. Latch Spring Assembly, 4 ea. Phillips Flat C'Sunk Head Screws, 2 ea. Spring Catch Plates, 2 ea. Socket Head Set Screws (10-32 x 3/8")
B Screw Fastener Kit includes 4 ea. Socket Head Shoulder Screws (3/8 x 3/8"), 2 ea. Socket Head Cap Screws (1/4-20 x 3/8"), 2 ea. Socket Head Set Screws (1/4-20 x 1/2"), 4 ea. Socket Head Set Screws (10-32 x 1/8")
C Includes items 5-10. The Quad Link Mounting Hardware accommodates MKIV RII, RX, A, A+, PSF/PSR joysticks.
C1 When ordering the Quad Link for the first time, Additional hardware is required for 1556 Heavy Duty and TCPD Touch Pad joysticks. See pictorial for reference.
D Includes items 13 and 14. Can be used with an 1810M Std. Joystick also
E Includes items 16 and 17
F Not Shown
G Individual components are non-saleable
H The 4-Way Switch Mounting Plate has changed and may be required when converting a Quad Link assembled to a mounting plate over to a Quad Link introduced after 4/06/06.
H1 When a Single Function Toggle Switch (SFT) is used, the (SFT) switch mounting hardware for a Joystick Tube will need to be ordered