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Electronics - Joystick Options

Assembly Part Notes

Note Code Definition
A Includes items 3-7
B Includes items 9-11
C Includes items 13-17
D Includes item 17
E Includes items 17 and 22
F Includes items 17 and 25
G Clamp assembly is used for all joystick tubes listed
H The 5 pin connector attaches to MKIV joystick options, MK5 S.A.C., MK5 T.A.C. or MK5 T.R.C.M. controllers.
I Before 5/24/04
J Not Shown. After 5/23/04 the Egg Reset Switch replaced the Red Flex Ribbon (Tape) Reset Switch
K Introduced as an option (ARM250) and can be used to replace a Fixed Height Joystick Clamp
L Part #1017612 is no longer available as a service part individually. Order item #8 as a replacement.