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ISP Polaris EX - ISP3000 & ISP4000

Assembly Part Notes

Note Code Definition
A Not Shown.
B For use on ISP3000.
C For use on ISP4000.
D Includes Part #1075695 Smooth Bore Tube with Cuff enclosed in Polybag.
E Kit includes Base Assembly, Humidifier and Elbow.
F Includes Water Reservoir and Bottom Plate.
G Includes Silver Humidifier Base, Silver Humidifier Shroud, Hot Plate Assembly, Hose Coupling Kit, Shipper Carton and Owner's Manual.
H Includes Water Reservoir, Cap and Elbow.
I Includes Reservoir, Cap, Bottom Plate, O-Ring and Elbow.
J Plate used with old style Water Reservoir, Before 8/17/05.
K Used with new Water Reservoir, after 8/16/05.
L Can be used in addition to CPAP Filter, for additional filtration.

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