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Battery Chargers - Straps - Hardware (After 12/18/03)

Assembly Part Notes

Note Code Definition
A The 8 Amp. Lester charger was standard on-chair before 4/1/04 and the CTE battery charger became standard on-chair 4/1/04 thru 7/14/04 with a Power Tilt Only (PTO) seating system. PTO Plus models (After 7/14/04) come std. with an on-board charger.
B Used on all Non Power Tilt Only chairs built Before 11/1/04 and PTO Plus chairs built between 7/15/04 and 5/31/05. Prior to 7/15/04, PTO chairs did not use an on board charger.
C CTE charger introduced on-chair as an optional choice 4/1/04. Used on Gel Cell or AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries. Serial number starts with 04A00000001. For wet cell batteries refer to the Lester 8 Amp. charger.
D Charger attaching hardware Before 4/1/04. These items were replaced by item 13.
E Charger attaching hardware After 3/31/04.
F Used on all Non Power Tilt Only chairs built After 10/31/04 and all PTO Plus chairs built After 5/31/05.
G Although interchangeable, this charger may be different than the original. This charger was supplied by either Signet or CTE. The CTE charger has 2 LED's versus 1 LED on the Signet charger.
H This Part includes Item 1 AC Power Cord Part # 1121086.
I No longer available as a service part. Please use 1121086 as its replacement.
J Use Battery Charger part number 1123249 as a replacement.