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Wheels - Drive Wheel Assembly

Assembly Part Notes

Note Code Definition
A Sold complete. Includes the Rims and (5) ea. Socket Head Screws w/ Patch (5/16-18 x 7/8")
B Includes items 8-13. For "ALL" 300 lb. weight limit wheelchairs and (400 lb. weight limit wheelchairs built Before 12/19/03).
C Tire tread design changed 9/1/03 to improve traction. The tread design is the same as the Storm Series TDX models. It is recommended to replace in pairs to match tread design and traction performance for chairs made before 9/1/03
D Includes items 13-17. For 400 lb. weight limit wheelchairs built After 12/18/03.
E Before 12/1905. Contains a black colored high density flat free foam material.
F After 12/18/05. Contains a green colored low density flat free foam material that provides a softer ride. A customer's chair must have a matched color set of foam filled inserts.