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Seating and Positioning

76 Models found
Personal Seat Covers
Ulti-Mate Cushion Inner Cover
Infinity LoBac Hardware and Accessories
PaxBac Hardware
Infinity Leg Wedges, FloGel, and Visco Foam Inserts
Personal Seat Fluid Bag
Comfort-Mate Extra Cushion Outer Covers (CMEXC)
Comfort-Mate Extra Base Inner Covers
Comfort-Mate Extra Base Hardware
Comfort-Mate Extra Base Outer Covers (CMBXC)
Ulti-Mate Base Inner Covers
Curved Back and Curved Back Pneumatic Covers, Cane Clamps and Back Mounting Hooks
KSS Seating Accessories for Headrest Pads and Growth Brackets
KSS Mounting Brackets For (12"-16" Wide) ADJASBA and Pronto M71 jr.Seat Frames
InTouch TargIT Covers
Packaging & Literature
Infinity Drop Base Hardware
Infinity Back Hardware and Accessories - Before 12/15/01
Infinity Inner Cushion Covers
Drop Base Mounting Hardware
Tray Mounting Hardware - Swing and Non-Swing Lap
Ulti-Mate Base Hardware
Ulti-Mate Air Back and Ulti-Mate Air Back Pneumatic
S-Back Cover
KSS Seating Accessories for Abductors, Adductors and Laterals
PinDot ContourU Growth Links
PinDot ContourU Dial Links
PinDot ContourU Arm Rests
PinDot ContourU Pan Mounting Brackets
PinDot ContourU Wood Mounting Brackets
PinDot ContourU Adjustable Footrests
PinDot ContourU Adjustable Legrest Tops
PinDot Silhouette Lateral Supports and Inserts
PinDot Silhouette Extended Mounting Bracket
Tray Mounting Hardware - TR40L and TR40R
PinDot Silhouette Shape Sensor and (ContourU Base Before 9/1/09)
PinDot Silhouette Shape Sensor and ContourU Accessories
Comfort-Mate Hardware
InTouch Propel Back
PinDot ContourU and Silhouette Back and Seat Mounting Hardware, For 7/8" or 1" Tubing (FDI-596 ECONO-EZE and FDI-538 ECONO-EZE)
PinDot ContourU Back Adjustable Universal Interfacing Hardware Kit - HWABK
PinDot Silhouette Shape Sensor and (ContourU Before 9/1/09) Hardware
PinDot Silhouette Back Mounting Hardware
Matrx PB Back, Matrx PB Deep Back, Matrx PB HD Back and Matrx PB Deep HD Back
Versair Adjustable Tension Back Upholstery Assemblies and Privacy Flaps
KSS Seating Accessories for Basic Head Support
Infinity Back Hardware and Accessories - After 12/15/01
Contoura Seating, Seat Cushion
PinDot ContourU Back Adjustable J Hook Horseshoe Clip Hardware
Infinity Outer Cushion Covers
Matrx PCS Back Mounting Hardware and Cane Clamp Hardware - Round Canes (14"-19" W)
Matrx PCS Back Mounting Hardware and Cane Clamp Hardware - Round Canes (20"-24" W)
Matrx PCS Back Mounting Hardware - Tilt & Recline Only
Matrx PCS Back Upholstery Assemblies
Matrx PCS Back Wire Tray
Matrx PCS Back Headrest Clamp Kit - Lever Style
Matrx PCS Lateral Support
InTouch Stabilite OM Replacement Outer Covers
InTouch Stabilite OM Obliquity Inserts
Matrx Airflo Inner Covers
Matrx Airflo Inserts and Accessories
Personal Back, Personal Back Plus, Matrx Personal Back10 Reg./Tall, Matrx Personal Back10 Plus Reg./Tall - For Round Canes
Matrx Personal Back10 (TALL Reg./TALL Plus) Hardware, Formula TRE Conv. Recline w/ BPO Option - For Extruded Canes
Matrx Stabilite & Flovair Removable Leg Wedge
InTouch Stabilite OM Removable Leg Wedge
InTouch Stabilite OM Replacement Inner Covers (Incontinence)
Stabilite & Flovair Replacement Inner Covers (Incontinence)
Matrx Stabilite and InTouch Stabilite OM Replacement Air Overlays
Matrx Flovair Replacement Gel/Air Overlays
InTouch Flovair Replacement Outer Covers (Before 11/21/11)
Matrx Flovair Replacement Outer Covers (After 11/20/11)
InTouch Stabilite Replacement Outer Covers (Before 11/21/11)
Matrx Stabilite Replacement Outer Covers (After 11/20/11)
Pindot ContourU and Silhouette Infinity Gel Bag Assembly - CM30GLG
PinDot ContourU Bracket, Swing Away
PinDot ContourU Seat Pans