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Solara® Solara® Limited

38 Models found
Tilt Hardware
Front Riggings - Legrest Calf Pads and Ratchet Assemblies
Front Riggings - Footrest Support Assemblies
Front Riggings - Footplate - Pivot Tube, and Hardware -1651 Composite
Growth Kits
Upholstery, Back
Casters - Front , Forks and Mounting Hardware
Front Riggings - Adjustable Heel Loops
Front Riggings - Footplate - Pivot Tube, and Hardware -A1562/A1564 Aluminum
Reclining Back Assembly
Front Riggings - Accessories - Heel Loops and Toe Loops
Frame Finishes and Touch Up Paint
Wheels - Rear and Handrims
Front Riggings - Footplate and Pivot Tube Assemblies -1651 Composite
Arms - "T" Arm and Hardware
Axle Mounting Plate and Hardware
Wheel Locks - 20",22",24" Wheels
Front Riggings - Adjustable Angle Footplates w/ Pivot Tube - AT5543 (Before 6/01/03)
Front Riggings - Footrest, Bilateral Contracture
Front Riggings - Footrest, Contracture Platform™
Oxygen Holder
Packaging, Literature, and Decals
Frames, Base and Seat
Back Canes, Backrest Crossmember, and Pelvic Positioning Strap
Seat Pan and Attaching Hardware
Arms - Cantilever Locking, Bolt On (AT55D & AT55F)
Wheel Locks - 12" Wheels (Attendant Operated)
Wheel Locks - 12" Wheels w/ Vent Tray
Front Riggings - Adjustable Angle Footplate with or without Pivot Tube - AT5543 (After 5/31/03)
Stroller Handle - Adjustable Angle
Stroller Handles -1483
Vent Tray Assembly
Accessories - Miscellaneous
Front Riggings - Legrest Support Assemblies - AT5044
Arms - Fixed Height
Arms - Adjustable Height
Arms - Cantilever Non-Locking Bolt On (AT99N)
Front Riggings - Articulating Legrest Support Assembly - ATL4A (Center Pivot)