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Maximum of three products are allowed for comparison.

Motor & Gearbox Assembly - 300 Lb. Limit

Assembly Part Notes

Note Code Definition
A Includes items 3-11.
B Includes items 4-6 and 8-11.
C Not Shown, covers the motor lead wire between the connector and motor
D Required for chairs upgraded to MK5 electronics.
E Chairs built Before 9/3/04
F Chairs built After 9/2/04
G When a new gearbox or mounting screws are ordered, (2 ea.) metric and (2 ea.) non-metric screws (item 10) must be ordered. Invacare Corp. utilizes alternate suppliers for this part number.
H As of 5/15/06, harness part no. 1143143 replaced part nos. 1116389 & 1116390. The new harness is not Right/Left dependent and can be used for either side.
I As of May 2008, the Metal Motor End Cap will be replaced with a Composite Motor End Cap. The change does not affect form, fit, function or aesthetics.
J Kit includes (4) Brushes, (4) Brush Caps and Instruction Sheet.
K Use existing screws when installing the Brake Repair Kit. The Motor Brake Mounting Screws are not saleable.